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July 09 2014

Productive Focus Group Conversations Continue at Rooftop Mixer

Kristin Hardwick - Hilton Austin

The third annual NYPCMA focus group meeting took place on June 17 at the Novotel Hotel Times Square, with participants exploring the question, "What keeps you up at night?" NYPCMA Chapter President, Amber Levy, described the event as a fact finding mission.  Seven meeting planners participated, both members and non-members. Ms. Levy explained that it remains important to learn from non-members the reasons why they are not members of PCMA, as well as how to keep current members engaged with the organization.


The focus group was followed by a reception at the hotels rooftop bar, Supernova, giving over thirty planners and suppliers a chance to socialize. Don Bill, Public Relations Society, an active member in PCMA, shared his impression of the event. It is great to know that PCMA has an interest in meeting the needs of its members by asking us what challenges keep us up at night and how they can improve their educational offerings.  Mr. Bill added, In the ever changing landscape of digital communication, anything that PCMA can offer to keep members up to date with the trends and new ideas for outreach to our constituents and attendees would be greatly beneficial.

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