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June 30 2014

10 Insane Boss Requests

By Daniel Metz

Could you print out this presentation for me? Will you schedule my hair appointment? Can you go pick up my lunch? Sure, plenty of employees have heard their bosses ask them to perform these types of menial tasks. It’s frustrating, and in many cases, one of these requests might be just enough to inspire an employee to submit a two-week notice. However, these requests pale in comparison with some of the findings of a new nationwide survey.

CareerBuilder recently asked more than 3,000 workers around the US for their opinions about their bosses. In addition to asking these employees to grade their bosses, the researchers asked respondents whether they had been asked to perform duties outside their job descriptions.

Here’s a look at the 10 most unusual requests.

1)    Will you coach other employees on how to pass a drug test?

2)    Could you please fire your colleague — and then give them a ride home?

3)    What do you think of these Tinder profiles?

4)    Will you order these items on your personal Amazon account so my spouse won’t find out?

5)    Can you pluck the client’s unibrow for the photo shoot?

6)    Will you please “Like” my Facebook videos?

7)    Can we be better friends?

8)    Could you let me know how to get the death certificate for my deceased ex-husband?

9)    Would you please help my daughter-in-law through the death of her cat?

10) Can you climb on the roof of the building to see if there are any dead birds up there?

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The Grades Are In. 

While some employees clearly had notable requests to share, the survey shows that the majority of bosses are actually great managers. Sixty-three percent of respondents gave their bosses an “A” or a “B.” Just five percent of bosses earned failing grades for their performances. One of the biggest factors in earning superior marks? Communication. Those conversations don’t necessarily have to happen in face-to-face formal settings, either. Many of the “A” bosses use text messages and instant messaging platforms to communicate with their employees.

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Be Better In The Workplace.

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