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June 23 2014

Is Your Organization Suffering From FOMO?

By Carolyn Clark

FOMO — it’s the four-letter acronym with the power to make those prospective attendees who didn’t come to your meeting wish they had clicked the register button. While the Fear Of Missing Out can help your attendance numbers, the phenomenon can also hurt your organization’s ability to stay on track for success. How? If your bylaws are outdated, you may be “missing” out on something very important: the ability to attract and retain the best leaders in your industry.

“Professional associations must be willing to constantly evaluate and adjust their own governing policies,” Deborah Sexton, CEO, PCMA, says. “As the business world evolves, organizations must ensure that their processes and procedures can attract top thinkers and fuel new ideas among members of volunteer committees and elected officers.”

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Of course, amending long-standing rules is no easy process. Plenty of organizations struggle to break up with tradition. If you worry that your organization’s legacy structure may create challenges for the future, here are three key questions to consider.

How has your mission changed since your founding? 

Take a look at your big-picture mission statement. Does it still encompass everything your organization works to accomplish? Your members’ needs have most likely changed over the past decade. As you outline a strategic plan for success, think about how those changes will impact your organization. 

What are you doing to engage emerging leaders? 

While everyone focuses on capturing the attention of Millennial attendees, it’s equally important to focus on empowering that young audience within your organization, too. This is the class of creative thinkers who will power global change and fuel your future. Rather than keep them on the sidelines watching your most seasoned members make all the decisions, give them opportunities to be leaders.

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What’s waiting on the horizon? 

In addition to reflecting on what’s been happening within your organization recently, this conversation must consider how your environment will change tomorrow. Survey your members to identify key trends, and think about how those industry issues might change your long-term strategy.

Does your organization’s governing structure need to change? What steps are you taking to ensure that your staff and your Board are keeping up with today’s rapidly changing world? Head over to Catalyst to share your thoughts.

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