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June 17 2014

June Member Spotlight

Brad Plumb, CMP, Senior Sales Manager, Overland Park Convention Bureau

This month's member spotlight: Craig Deel, Group Sales Manager, Sheraton Overland Park

What would you consider your proudest professional accomplishment?

My proudest professional accomplishment cannot be summarized as one. There are many accomplishments over the course of my work careers. Each and every promotion that I was awarded from convention setup (Graveyard shift) to my current role in the Sales office has been an accomplishment. Each and every step on the ladder I’ve gained either a new tool or process yet keep humble in my path by staying close to my roots where it all began on the convention floor.

How many years in the hospitality industry?

21 years (yikes I did not realize it has been that long. Thanks for asking)

Describe your most unique work experience:

1) Unique but more of a blessing: Just over 14 years ago, I went into work to meet our new Assistant Manager aka my new BOSS “Stephanie Palmer." Long story short, you know her now as Stephanie Deel!!

2) The start of my hospitality career, when I began in Valet Parking at a resort hotel, the exotic cars (Ferraris / Dodge Vipers / Porsches) that would arrive were amazing. I was practically a test driver and getting tips for doing it! Unfortunately I never did hit 60 MPH, ok maybe once but shhh, don’t tell my old supervisor.


Favorite book?

Black Sunday, by Thomas Harris

Favorite restaurant?

My own dining room table, Chef Spouse is AWESOME.

And anywhere I can go for all u-can-eat crab legs.


Favorite vacation spot?

Anywhere with family but Hawaii comes in at a close second


What would surprise us about you?

I can shed a tear when watching movies or shows. But I’ll tell you it’s the dust in the air.


Television show that you never miss:

Hell’s Kitchen


Idea of your perfect day off:

Sleep until 10am and hit the golf course around Noon (non summer months)


Regular week end agenda?

Saturday: son’s soccer game / Sunday: St. Joseph Mass followed by daughter's volleyball game. Try to squeeze a bbq outing in between!