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Professional Convention Management Association

June 17 2014

EduCon Takes Toronto

Maria Arnone, VP Ascend Integrated Media
PCMA's Education Conference in Toronto was THE place to get the latest information on best business practices in the events industry.

Monday's packed day featured sessions including big data, hybrid events, and sponsorships. Attendees enjoyed a traditional day of quality education in classroom settings. 

Tuesday's program featured "disruptive learning" for more collaborative settings and real takeaways. Featured speakers included Josh Linker on creativity and Luke Williams on disruptive thinking. These anchor sessions surrounded interesting environments in the ballroom that demonstrated scalability. For example, high-tech and low-tech solutions that accomplish the same end goal. The environment also offered many opportunities for collaboration and discussion with peers, and learning at your own pace. PCMA stressed keeping an open mind with the Tuesday format. As we all know, PCMA events push the envelope. They make members stretch to experience new kinds of learning and fellowship. Not every "experiment" may be applicable to your event, but the idea is to take just one or two elements that may be transferable to enliven your own work.

The city of Toronto was a fabulous host. The weather was beautiful and the downtown boasted a stylish youthful vibe. Outings to different neighborhoods, including the Distillery District on Sunday evening made our visit fun and relaxing.

See clips of the Education Conference on PCMA's YouTube channel here.