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June 17 2014

Day on the Farm 2014

Katie Sanford, intern, NAIC

It started out as a rainy, sub-par summer day, but luckily for PCMA and Operation Breakthrough, the sun came out!  The children and adults were able to enjoy a beautiful day at the Deanna Rose Farmstead.

We waited patiently for thirteen pre-schoolers from Operation Breakthrough to arrive!  We were delighted to hand out bandanas and cowboy hats to all our new buddies. 

The children each enjoyed feeding baby goats, who were more than eager to show the kids how fast they could down a bottle of milk.  We learned about dairy cows and wandered through huge teepees.  All the children enjoyed a pony ride and were able to take home a souvenir photograph of their adventure.  Our tour guide took us to see chickens, bunnies, roosters, and bison. The children were enthusiastic and excited to learn about the animals, and our tour guide was educational and engaging. The tour ended with a horse drawn hay ride which was a big crowd pleaser. The children enjoyed a nice lunch before heading back on their big yellow bus. 

After waving good bye to the bus, the PCMA chapter volunteers regrouped and headed to Prairiefire. Pinstripes served us a terrific lunch and tour of their new facility. Wow! Following that, we were given the opportunity to play several rounds of bocce ball. Although we were all new to the sport, we discovered that it was a fun and easy game that everyone could play.  Pinstripes was a wonderful host that made for the perfect ending to our day on the farm.

 For us, it was heartwarming.  We hope for the kids, it was an experience they won’t soon forget.