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June 16 2014

Make Better On-Site Decisions With This New Tool

By David McMillin

Your meeting is over. The attendees have returned home, and your meetings team is back in the office compiling data about which sessions were most popular, what pieces of the program need to be improved and when attendees were most active and engaged with content. All of this work can help pave the path toward a better meeting next year, but many of these findings could have been far more useful when attendees were still on-site.

A new analytics platform from Vancouver-based QuickMobile is designed to uncover insights when they really matter - when meeting professionals can still make adjustments to keep attendees engaged. The platform combs through loads of data to help meeting professionals understand individual attendee behaviors and attitudes and fuel real-time decision-making.

“While it's helpful to use analytics to shape future events, here at QuickMobile we think there are opportunities for more immediate impact during the live event,” Jeff Epstein, Director, Product and Channel Marketing, QuickMobile, says.

“If you wait until the meeting is over, you've missed those opportunities, which include demonstrating responsiveness to attendee behavior and feedback, improving attendee satisfaction before they make their final assessment, and making sure everything you're doing is consistently aligned with your goals and objectives,” Epstein adds.

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From eliminating session overcrowding to tracking the hourly impact of promotional campaigns and more, the platform is designed to manage many elements of a meeting. I was most impressed with the social media integration. As more attendees share status updates during the meeting, the platform can help easily identify the biggest brand advocates.

“If you see someone truly engaged via Twitter or in-app messaging, you can send them a personal thank-you note, or even find them and reward them with a prize or something spontaneous,” Epstein says.

Of course, we all know that attendees aren’t just using social media to sing a meeting’s praises. Every meeting professional is growing accustomed to managing attendee frustration, too.

“Similarly, if they're complaining, you can see why and do something about it,” Epstein says. “If you wait until after the event, you've lost them and you've lost control over what they're doing with their complaints.”

While many organizations see social media as another drain on resources, Epstein says that the platform eliminates the need to constantly log in to look at activity.

“Social media conversations can actually be monitored from the app via the Activity Feed, so staffers don't even need to log into the back end of the platform,” Epstein says.

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“The key for us is granularity — detailed views that empower decision making,” Epstein says. “Whether it's details about an attendee, a session or a sponsor, planners need solid data to make better decisions. The nice thing is they don't have to wait until the next event to see the impact.”

Looking for assistance with your meeting’s mobile strategy? Click here to learn more about how QuickMobile has helped enhance the attendee experience at conferences of all shapes and sizes.

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