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June 16 2014

7 Questions With D. Bradley Kent

By David McMillin

The 7 Questions With… series provides an opportunity to get to know PCMA members outside of a conversation strictly geared toward meetings and conferences. In our inaugural installment, we catch up with D. Bradley Kent, Senior Vice President of Sales & Services at Choose Chicago.

1) Whats the last book you read? Good to Great by Jim Collins.  Finishing The Yankee Years about Joe Torre presently.

2) Which songs are currently getting the most rotation while youre at the office? Not a lot of time for music in the office, but when there is, the iPhone will play out Jimmy Buffet, Kenny Chesney, or maybe Luther Vandross.

3) What would the title of a TV reality show about your life be?  On the Road Again!

4) What most excites you about the next five years (personally and/or professionally)?  

My youngest will complete his education at Texas A&M University and enter grad school. My oldest son will graduate from the University of Richmond School of Law. Our industry will achieve new highs in economic impact, job creation, and unprecedented levels of advocacy by elected officials toward the value of face to face meetings. Technology will continue to "Simplify" our event lives by reducing the amount of resources (human/financial) spent on logistics, and increase the amount of resources expended toward strategic goals of participation and networking.

5) In a past life, you were A Labrador Retriever

6) If you didnt work in the meetings industry, what would you be doing? Being a high school counselor and baseball coach

7) What is your motto?  Progress, Not Perfection.

You can keep up with Kent on the road at @ChooseDBK.

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