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June 02 2014

What Badge Ribbons Should Actually Say


It's great to know who is on the board, or what chapter they're from but really we need to bring more honesty to our ribbons.

You're ready to learn, network, collect CEUs, everything. You're always the first one anywhere you're supposed to be.

These are a few of my favorite things… pens, notepads, pins, buttons, coffee mugs and most of all t-shirts!

If it needs a signature, you've seen it, negotiated it and landed it.

Hi – I’d love your business and to tell you about my business and to show you I work for the business on this tiny piece of paper.

Need to know something about a new location, you're the one to ask!

Let’s let the speaker get back on track here, you can email them your laundry list later.

You love this conference and your mood is infectious (in a good way) to every attendee.

Hey – I saw your tweet about the check-in on Foursquare where you were at this LinkedIn event, let’s connect. 

I just wanted a longer ribbon strand...

Unsure of how to get the conversation ball rolling? You know all the ice breakers and convo starters.

This reserved sign must mean they are saving it for me.

 We KNOW you have more to contribute to this list. Share yours in the comments below!

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