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June 02 2014


Stephanie Orr, CMP

There are several exam dates options for 2014.  To qualify to sit for the CMP exam, an application must be submitted and approved by the scheduled date listed on the Convention Industry Council (CIC) website.  The application, study materials, fees and deadline dates can be retrieved from the CIC’s website at http://www.conventionindustry.org/.

Each CMP Exam will be held in various cities across the country, including Denver. Go to the CIC website to find out more about the exam deadlines.  The exam is an online exam and you must have your application approved before you register to take the exam.

The Denver Study group runs for 11 weeks prior to the exam dates.  You must have an application submitted to CIC to be eligible to participate in the study group.  We do not offer CE credits for participating in the study group.  We run the study group two times each year (one running from about late April-July and the other running from about late October-January.  This can vary depending on the scheduled exam dates). Please contact either of the group leaders listed below if you are interested in participating with the group. The study group meets each Wednesday evening (excluding holidays), ending with a practice exam prior to the actual exam.

Each session will be hosted by different industry professionals who have recently earned their CMP designation. Each week there are chapters assigned from the reading material and each participant will be guided to create questions the group will discuss the following week. The study group is designed to be informal, promote discussion and help candidates stay on track with all the reading.

Reading material each week will be assigned from: The Convention Industry Council Manual, 9th Edition; The Professional Meeting Management, 5th Edition; selections from the APEX Glossary.  You can purchase all books at the CIC website - http://www.conventionindustry.org/CMP/CMPCandidates/ExamPreparation.aspx

The Denver Area Study Group is coordinated and hosted by volunteers and there is no cost to participate.

Those interested in joining the Denver study group or have any questions about obtaining their CMP in the future should contact:

Stephanie Orr, CMP
Senior Meeting Architect
Kinsley Meetings
Littleton, CO
P: 303-798-3664

Lindsey Richeaux, CMP
Senior Event Manager
Colorado Convention Center
Denver, CO
P: 303-228-8135

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