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May 31 2014

My Favorite App: Genius Scan

By Robert Heard, CAE, associate executive director for membership and education, American College of Emergency Physicians

If you are like me, always on the move at meetings, keeping up with receipts and other important documents can be a bear. I’ve spent too much time looking through folders, bags, and boxes for those important receipts. Genius Scan has become my best friend. I just snap a photo of any document, and I have choices of where I want to save it.

The best feature is that Genius Scan integrates with my Dropbox, where I can pick any folder and save documents. Now my habit is to automatically pull out my phone, snap a picture of a receipt or important document, and presto — I click to save them electronically. No more paper receipts to keep up with.


Apple, Android, and Windows


Free (Genius Scan); $6.99 (Genius Scan+)

For more information: thegrizzlylabs.com

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