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May 30 2014

4 Tips For Talking To Your Attendees On Facebook And Twitter

By David McMillin

Are you struggling to get your audience engaged on Twitter? Does your Facebook page look like a desert? While plenty of organizations have harnessed the power of these channels, many meetings are encountering serious roadblocks on the way to social media success. As you update your marketing plan, here are four helpful tips to consider.

1) Make your conversation a two-way street.

The members of your audience do not log-in to silently comb through news. They’re online to like, comment and share their thoughts. A recent Buddy Media analysis found that Facebook posts with questions generate 92 percent higher comment rates than posts without questions. Gearing up to announce your education sessions? Ask them to share the biggest issues they’re facing in the workplace? Trying to promote your exhibit floor? Tell them you want to know which new technologies or tools have impacted their work. An effective social media plan must give your fans and followers opportunities to contribute their perspectives to the conversation.

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2) Avoid over-promotion.

When your prospective attendees scroll through the feeds of their Facebook and Twitter accounts, they’re already dealing with plenty of sponsored stories, promoted tweets and sidebar advertisements. While you want to make sure they know about your early bird registration discount, they will start tuning out your voice if the majority of your messages are in-your-face marketing language. Be sure to include a good mix of fun posts, photos and status updates that show off the human side of your brand and don’t actually sell anything.

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3) Call out your call-to-action.

You know what you want your audience to do, but you need to spell it out in very clear language. Remember that online users are constantly bombarded with new tweets, updates and links. Rather than hope they navigate their way to your page or resource, put the destination or download directly in front of them. In a recent study of approximately 20,000 promoted tweets, Twitter found that tweets that explicitly ask people to download something followed by a link increase clicks by an average of 13 percent.

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4) Treat Facebook like a children’s book. 

Remember your favorite book from growing up? It probably had the ultimate kids’ combination: lots of pictures and very few words. Well, Facebook users are looking for that same type of approach. This infographic shows that photo posts get 53 percent more Likes, 104 percent more comments and 84 percent more click-throughs.

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