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May 22 2014

The New LinkedIn Tool You Should Start Using

By David McMillin

 Your social media stalking abilities are about to get even better.

LinkedIn just launched a new “How You Rank” tool in the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” section. At its core, “How You Rank” is an opportunity to understand the popularity of your profile in comparison with other members of your network. This may sound like a high school popularity contest because, well, it kind of is.

However, it does do more than simply make you jealous of the cool kids or inflate your ego. It’s also your opportunity to take a look at your top connections’ profiles to see what they’re doing differently. Are they contributing to discussions? Do they belong to more groups? What behaviors can you steal to stand out? In addition, LinkedIn also provides personalized tips for increasing your profile visibility.

The 2014 Job Seeker Study from social recruiting company Jobvite shows that professionals need to get serious about maximizing their LinkedIn profiles, too. The research revealed that 94 percent of recruiters are active on LinkedIn, but just 36 percent of job hunters are leveraging the site’s power. The minority of respondents who are using LinkedIn are seeing their activities pay off. Forty percent had a contact refer them for a job, and 32 percent made new professional connections.

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“Recruiters at some companies receive hundreds of applicants for a single position,” Dmitry Shevelenko, Product Manager, LinkedIn, writes in a recent blog post about the new feature. “If you’ve submitted a resume or LinkedIn Profile already, try taking a look at the profile of the recruiter managing the position. If they see you've looked at their profile, they’re more likely to look at yours.”

Translation: do some stalking, and you’ll be stalked back.

The Screen Can Only Do So Much

Of course, social networking sites are just one channel toward uncovering new opportunities. Everyone in the meetings industry understands the power of face-to-face connections, and it’s important to make sure that your networking efforts include a strong balance of getting out and meeting with your contacts one-on-one to boost your behind-the-screen work. Whether it’s going out for coffee or cocktails, volunteering on a committee of an association or attending a meeting or fundraising reception, there are plenty of methods for getting directly in front of the people who can help you land a new job.

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