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May 12 2014

A Choose-Your-Own Adventure Approach To Meeting Education


The meetings industry loves to talk about innovation, but there’s one area of designing face-to-face experiences that doesn’t seem to change: the session schedule. Conferences and conventions of all shapes, sizes and specialities typically include very structured session time slots for each day of the program. On Tuesday, June 24, Kelly Peacy, Senior Vice President, Education and Events, says she plans on breaking up with that tradition at the 2014 PCMA Education Conference.

“Collaboration is the key word for Tuesday,” Peacy says. “We want to show our attendees a different way to present content that inspires more conversations and more engagement among everyone in the room.”

“A large portion of the day’s program is free flowing,” Peacy adds. “You can create your own experience.”

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Monday’s program will follow a normal pattern of time slots, but Peacy hopes Tuesday’s open space approach will help attendees determine if they prefer one type of learning more than another. She also believes it will help meeting planners discover if a less structured approach might be able to work for their own groups.

While Education Conference attendees will be free to learn in any manner they choose, the program will include some elements to help shape the dialogue. A “What’s Your Challenge?” board will encourage peer-to-peer best practice sharing, and attendees will be able to dive deeper into some of the material from the first day of the meeting. In addition to learning, the Education Conference mobile app will help facilitate one-on-one appointments via a Conference Connections tool built to help arrange meetings.

“We’re always looking for new ways to approach attendee engagement,” Peacy says. “This is a way to learn and network without the confines of formal scheduling.”

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Interested in exploring more of the new additions to this year’s PCMA Education Conference? Click here for a look at the complete program, and register today to be part of the action.

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