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May 08 2014

50+ Ways to Alienate Your Virtual Audience

Emilie Barta

This is a continuation of an article written by Emilie Barta about Virtual Audiences. This section looks at ways to make sure that your virtual audience is not engaged with your event. (
Click here to see part one and here for part two.)


  1. Charge your virtual audience an attendance fee…and then force them to “WATCH the live stream”
  2. Have an “ask a question” button…and ignore all the questions
  3. Provide a Twitter hashtag…and never have anyone monitor it and respond to it
  4. Provide chat rooms dedicated to specific topics…and not have a subject matter expert present to assist with the conversations
  5. Ask your virtual audience to take a poll…and then do not give them enough time to input their answer so they can feel as if they are a part of the group
  6. Hire speakers who never make eye contact with the camera…and make your virtual audience feel unwelcome and unwanted
  7. Have speakers who provide audience interaction for the physical audience…but do not allow your virtual audience to participate
  8. Have a delay on the live stream…and never allow the virtual audience to catch up
  9. Do not provide dedicated content to your virtual audience…and force them to watch the backs of the physical audience’s heads or “dead-air”
  10. Promise the virtual audience that they will be able to network among themselves…and then never provide them the ways or the means to do so
  11. Hire a virtual emcee to be the voice of the virtual audience…and select someone with whom the virtual audience doesn't identify, like, or trust
  12. Hire “on-camera talent" who cannot think quick on their feet or facilitate conversations…and force your virtual audience to feel as if they are being read a script
  13. Do not provide white space for your virtual audience…and force them to miss some of the action since they will have to schedule their own time to step away

Watch for the final article in this series in a future issue.

Emilie Barta is a Host / Spokesperson / Presenter / Virtual Emcee / Consultant at Emilie Barta Presentations. This article was originally published at www.virtualeventhostemcee.com.


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