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Professional Convention Management Association

April 24 2014

Membership Makes Connections

Tracy Riggan, Chair, Greater Midwest Chapter Membership Committee

The Membership Committee’s goal for 2014 is to continue to add value to our chapter membership. Membership activities for this year include:

  • Building networks - We are reinvigorating the mentor program in hopes of acquainting new members with the chapter faster to increase their immediate value, while offering veterans another opportunity to expand their network. We are also working with PCMA on the mentorship program for the 2015 Convening Leaders.
  • Measuring value - We’ve added versatile networking opportunities and are measuring the added value they bring.
  • Extend benefits - With such a large geographic area, we are working with the Chapter Relations Committee to increase opportunities to interact with the membership through local mixers such as our May mixer in Madison, Wisconsin.
  • Staying connected – We are making it a point to reach out to each of you to welcome you to the chapter and PCMA, remind you of important opportunities, and keep you connected to the chapter in the most valuable way for you.
  • Listening to members – Ultimately, we want to advocate for you and help you get the most out of your PCMA membership. Our goals are to help you meet your goals.

For me, PCMA has lived up to its promise to help "position me as a leader in my organization" and prepare me "to recognize today's opportunities and face the challenges of tomorrow." My strongest business relationships have come from my association with and participation in PCMA.

Please let the membership committee know how we can help do the same for you!

Tracy Riggan, Chair, Greater Midwest Chapter Membership Committee.