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April 21 2014

Should I Wear Pants? 6 Apps Meeting Professionals Didn't Know They Needed

There really is an app for everything, seriously, it's absurd. While the following list may not be chalked full of traditional apps you think you'd need for your business you might be surprised...

1. Should I Wear Pants Today?

Okay - you probably already know you need to wear pants to your meeting but you're going to check the weather anyway so you might as well have a little fun with it. 

2. TitanTV

Hotel room TVs can be frustrating, you're trying to unwind and often times there is no menu to let you know what to what's on. TitanTV gives you the TV listings in your area right to your phone. No more desperate hunting for your Real Housewives of Wherever viewing.

3. Clorox MyStain

From that over-served gala attendee who spills red wine on everyone or the guy who just walked into you with a full plate of dips, Clorox is here to save the day. 

4. 101 Conversation Starters

You're already a networking pro so while you may not need it, it can still provide some entertainment value when you get stuck in a dull conversation and who knows what you'll learn about someone. 

5. 7 Minute Workout

We love you just the way you are, but if you are short on time (we all are) then this could be the app for you. Whether you're on-site or at lunch you can squeeze in a quick workout.

6. GigScout

Your're in a new city, you aren't sure what's going on and there is no networking reception tonight. Hello GigScout, your mobile music concierge, showing you what bands are playing near you and letting you buy tickets directly from the app - you're "open" night is now booked.

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