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March 24 2014

Get Active (no running involved)

Cheri Jones, CMP

Several years ago I rejoined PCMA. Honestly, it was to help in my recertification for the CMP. I have always taught our children that you get out of life/membership/ friendships/relationships/etc. what you put into it. Needless to say, the first months of my membership I was just a “PCMA card holder." I decided I should follow my own advice, give back to the industry and volunteer. I wasn’t sure which would be the best committee for me to work with since I didn’t live in close proximity to Kansas City. I contacted Melissa Johnson (PCMA HC President at the time) and she gave me some tips on committees where I could “telecommute” and make a difference. The communications committee made the most sense to me. That was more than two years ago. 

If you aren’t active, get active! It is fun, rewarding, educational and a great way to “give back.”  I have polled our committee chairs and have come up with a few ideas for you to consider. 

  1.  Membership – at this point committee members are based in Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri. Their goal is to have a representative in each state the Heartland Chapter covers.
  2. Sponsorship/Programs – would like volunteers to work together to develop a checklist and timeline for managing a Heartland Chapter event.
  3. Communications – would like help with fostering our Chapter’s social media effort.
  4. Emerging Leaders – would like volunteers to make contacts with the universities in your area. They are working to reach out and contact more universities so that the students know what PCMA has to offer and why they should get involved at the student level. 
  5. Community Service - requires very little time commitment with a tremendous amount of reward. Our annual June outing to Deanna Rose Farmstead with the Children of Operation Breakthrough has become a signature must-attend event. In addition, we coordinate the donation of school supplies for Operation Breakthrough in August. Each November our Chapter selects an organization to be the recipient of PCMA’s Annual Service N’ Sync, in which Chapters across the nation join together to serve our local communities.

 Whatever your interests, there is a committee who needs your time and talents. Click here to see our full list of committees and contact information.


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