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March 17 2014

3 New Technologies That Will Make Meeting Planning More Efficient

By David McMillin
New Tech

Technology has revolutionized the meetings industry, and that revolution is far from over. This week in Austin, Texas, SXSW showcased some of the most groundbreaking new tools that will transform the way business professionals connect, collaborate and create in the future.

Each year, the conference provides the launchpad for many tech start-ups. Twitter found the traction it needed to take off at SXSW 2007. FourSquare kicked off in Austin in 2009. Foodspotting, the photo app that lets users find and share their favorite culinary creations at nearby restaurants, launched at SXSW 2010.

Here’s a look at some of the most promising technologies from SXSW 2014 and the powerful potential they hold specifically for meeting planners.

1) Inside Social

Finally, you can figure out if tweeting, posting, updating and spending loads of time on social media actually translates to bottom-line results for your meeting.

“Inside Social can help meeting planners understand the direct impact that social media marketing has on registrations, revenue and any other website conversion metrics that may be important,” Joey Kotkins, co-founder of Inside Social, says.

Kotkins says the company’s patent-pending tracking technology can illustrate the path from any social share to a downstream conversion into actual revenue. Did that tweet that announced your new keynote influence anyone in your audience to fork over registration dollars? What about the Facebook announcement of your complete education lineup? Do those LinkedIn discussions really lead to more attendees?

“By simply copying and pasting a line of code, Inside Social begins tracking immediately via our dashboard,” Kotkins says. “You can finally understand how social media is impacting your most important business metrics.”

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2) Visage

This is the tool that will put your boring Excel data out of business.

Your meeting metrics may be impressive. However, bringing that information to life can be more challenging. Worried that your next internal presentation will be a snore? Thinking that people probably aren’t bothering to read your full report? As you work to help the rest of your organization understand the real impact of your meeting, Visage just might be tool you’ve been missing.

The goal of Visage is simple: communication should be beautiful. It’s built on the belief that numbers should translate to visually stunning reports. While the initial roll-out has only reached enterprise clients like LinkedIn and A&E, the company will be releasing a self-serve version this summer that you can use to highlight how your meeting budget lead to more engagement, interactivity and ROI. Click here to sign up for priority access.

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Let’s face it: you have too many devices.

As you juggle your smartphone, your tablet and your computer during your site visits, PPLCONNECT is designed to let you communicate the way you want, when you want from whatever tool is most convenient. Need to check in with your boss while you’re typing your report? Call from your computer. Want to text your colleague to see what time you’re meeting for lunch? Send the message from your tablet. This tool eliminates some common hassles to enhance productivity.

PPLCONNECT is currently only available on the Android platform, but iPhone users can sign up for the waiting list today.

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This educational article was brought to you by Austin, Texas, a city committed to making the planning process easier and more efficient.

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