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March 13 2014

4 Ways to Make More Green

By Daniel Metz

Would you like to make more money? Of course you would, we all would. Getting a raise can be a touchy subject though with multiple factors coming into play. Here are a few tips to help navigate the (green) waters

1) Know Your Worth

This goes beyond the salary research (which you should do) you can do on a number of sites like glassdoor.com. Do some introspection - do you deserve a raise, have you achieved your goals? These are things to think about before barging into your boss' office looking for more cash.

2) Practice Negotiations

Lucky for you - the seasoned meeting professional - negotiations are part of your job almost every day and you know no one is going to just hand out something, especially a (figurative) pile of money.

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3) Get Help

You know you've done good work, you know who else knows it - the people you did it for. Get some testimonials from co-workers and have them go to bat for you. 

4. Wait For It

Don't be angry if you don't get the yes right away. These things take time and remember the old saying, good things come to those who wait.

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