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March 04 2014

Poll Everywhere Spicing Up Microsoft PowerPoint


Audience engagement just got a whole lot easier. Poll Everywhere took a big leap forward by announcing the launch of a new polling app directly integrated into PowerPoint.

The app allows Office 365 customers create poll questions for their audience and display results instantly inside PowerPoint presentations. If they weren't already, polling clickers are definitely now a thing of the past.

The new app also creates competition with third party event app and software vendors who have been incorporating polling into their products. 

Microsoft is excited to see how customers utilize the new solution. 

“[Poll Everywhere is] a prime example of the excitement we’re already seeing around our new PowerPoint API enhancements" said Dene Cleaver, product marketing manager for the Office Store at Microsoft Corp. "This is the beginning of limitless possibilities.”

For more information about the app click here

What do you think, is this something you want to try during your next event?

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