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March 03 2014

When You Think Of Vegas, You Probably Don’t Think Of This

By David McMillin
Stay Well

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas — unless you’re staying in one of the Stay Well rooms or suites at the MGM Grand. If that’s the case, you’ll probably bring some of the benefits of being healthy back home.

While plenty of hotels are beginning to cater to business travelers who are concerned with their well-being while they’re on the road, the majority of those properties aren’t in destinations where guests can trade in eight hours of sleep for eight hours of blackjack. MGM Grand first unveiled the rooms in 2012, and they include a wide range of amenities designed to help guests feel better including:

  • Vitamin C-infused shower waterVitamin C Shower
  • Advanced room lighting to regulate melatonin and improve the body’s internal clock
  • LED dawn simulator alarm clocks for a gradual awakening rather than an immediate jolt-out-of-bed experience
  • Black out shades to fully eliminate outside light
  • Photo-catalytic coating that breaks down bacteria and viruses on susceptible surface
  • An in-room dining menu dedicated to healthy options made with organic ingredients

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Even the TV is better for the body with a Stay Well channel featuring Dr. Deepak Chopra. There is an upgrade fee of $30, but it looks like guests have been more than willing to pay for it. When the program first launched, there were only 42 rooms, but the hotel recently expanded to make the entire 14th floor of the main tower (171 rooms and suites) part of the Stay Well initiative.

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