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February 24 2014

Do Your Part to Help the Economy - Take More Time Off Work


That is the message from the U.S. Travel Association [USTA]. The study commissioned by the group found that more than 40% of American workers who receive paid time off finish the year without using all of their allotted vacation time.

According to the Oxford Economics study, most managers recognize the benefits of taking leave, namely higher productivity, stronger workplace morale and greater employee retention, as well as significant health benefits. Yet, what managers believe and what employees perceive can be two different things.

Nearly 34 percent of employees indicated that their employer neither encourages nor discourages leave, and 17 percent of managers consider employees who take all of their leave to be less dedicated. Four in ten American workers said their employer supported time off, but their heavy workload kept them from using their earned days.

In 2013, U.S. workers who are given paid time off had an average of 3.2 days of unused vacation, totaling 429 million unused days.

The study concluded that if Americans would take just one additional day of earned leave each year, the economy would benefit to the tune of $73 billion dollars in total impact.

Access the complete study here.