Leading Meeting Professionals

Professional Convention Management Association

February 18 2014


Jon Mitchell
It is said that that “timing is everything.”  For me, this notion certainly was the case this year, as I had the honor of gratefully receiving of a PCMA Southeast Chapter scholarship to attend the 2014 Convening Leaders conference in Boston this January. Receiving the scholarship could not have come at a better time as the 2014 Convening Leaders conference experience record-breaking attendance and the education offerings reach new superlative heights.

As those of you who attended the conference know, programing this year was dynamic. My experience at the conference was professionally enriching. I enjoyed memorable opportunities to converse with industry peers, experience top notch education and enjoy well-orchestrated and creative networking events.
In retrospect, there were four education sessions I had the pleasure of attending which deserve special mention. Master Series Wicked Negotiations presented by Harvard Business School lecturer Deepak Malhotra. The CMP Breakfast where I enjoyed listening to song by award winning country music song writing couple Jon Randall and Jessie Alexander. Master Series The Generalist Advantage: Going Beyond Expertise delivered by author and Yale University lecturer Dr. Vikram Mansharamani. And, The One World School House: Education Reimagined, delivered by solo-presenter Salman Khan. Conference attendees enjoyed these sessions and we thank the Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau, Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau, and Vancouver for sponsoring them. Lastly, very special thanks to the PCMA Southeast Chapter for awarding scholarships which allow its members an opportunity to attend the annual conference, of which I respectfully, this year, was a benefactor of.