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February 10 2014

If Meeting Planning Were an Olympic Sport

By Daniel Metz

We aren't saying you need to put on your tightest spandex before you hit the floor at your next event but there are definitely some similarities between meeting planning and the Games. Let’s take a look at which Olympic sports mirror the skills and tasks of a meeting planner.

Negotiations/Figure skating

Much like negotiations, pairs skating is about balance. Push too hard in negotiations and things are bound to go wrong, push too hard in figure skating and your partner might end up in the judges’ laps.


It takes a meticulous amount of coordination and detail to ensure your event goes off without a hitch and everything is running smoothly. You and your team work tirelessly to ensure everything lands just right.


Shooting for the right amount of food and beverage is a top priority for any planner. Managing the two in tandem can wear you out more than a cross-country ski race with rifles.

Transportation Planning/Speed skating

You figure out how to get people from Point A to Point B in fastest way possible, Apolo Anton Ohno would be proud.

Event Opens/Skeleton

You plan all year and the moment the doors open, it’s basically like screaming down a track head first. All you can do is make adjustments along the way and go for the gold.

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