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January 15 2014

Why Your Attendees Aren’t Connecting With You On Social Media

By David McMillin

Every organization has heard the importance of staying active on social media. Many of them hire social media coordinators. They work to amass fans and followers. However, these basic steps will not automatically translate to actual audience engagement.

“The key to understanding the power of social is to understand why people share things,” Mike Walsh, CEO of innovation research lab and author of Futuretainment, told attendees at Convening Leaders 2014 in his keynote address on Tuesday, January 14. “They share information because they see themselves as part of a network.”

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Walsh argues that encouraging more shares, like, comments and digital buzz lies in serving up material that does more than inform your attendees. It needs to elevate how the peers in that network perceive them, too.

“They’re only going to share something about your event if it makes them look more intelligent, more sexy or more savvy,” Walsh said.

“This is why social media strategy often doesn’t go to the next level,” Walsh said. “The future of social is not about forcing conversations but amplifying them.”

What does this mean for your social media strategy? Your attendees probably aren’t going to bother retweeting a simple link to registration. They don’t want to see the same reminders everyday about webinar. However, they might be more willing to answer a specific question about a trend impacting their industry with your hashtag attached to it. They would love to share their insights into how to move the industry forward.

It’s important to remember that you can start the conversation, but your attendees are the ones who will ultimately shape it. Why? They are part of the crowd, and everyone in the meetings industry knows that there is strength in numbers.

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If you want more insights from Walsh, he has a regular newsletter where he offers his thoughts on staying ahead of the curve in a fast-paced global world. Click here to visit his website and sign up. Stay tuned for more coverage of the key takeaways from Convening Leaders.

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