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January 07 2014

How to Supercharge Your Speaker Prep

By David McMillin

Anytime 4,000 people come together for four days of learning, there’s plenty of work cut out for those in charge. Long before meeting professionals arrived in Boston for Convening Leaders 2014, PCMA’s meetings and education team was hard at work to ensure that speakers under-stood the ins and outs of attendees: who they are, what they do, how they learn and what they expect to take home. I caught up with Ann Johnson, Associate Director, Programs, Education, PCMA, to get a sense of what goes on in the early stages to make sure that speakers from out-side the meetings industry are ready to meet attendee needs.

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“We ask a lot of our speakers,” Johnson says. “I think that’s a growing trend throughout the industry.”

From the first moment speakers put Convening Leaders on their calendars, they know they have their work cut out for them.

“When they’re contracted, we try to make it clear that Convening Leaders is not your typical conference,” Johnson says. “We aren’t looking for the recycled speeches that they’ve used at other meetings.”

“We want something fresh,” Johnson adds. “We ask speakers to think bigger and explore controversial issues and new angles to topics, and we ask them to rethink their delivery, too. Our audience craves an experiential element.”

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Bringing Volunteer Voices to the Conversation

Helping them understand the issues and trends that matter to meeting planners and suppliers doesn’t just happen at PCMA headquarters in Chicago. Johnson says session development conference calls include a range of volunteers, including a representative from the Annual Meeting Planning Committee and, in many cases, a member of one of PCMA’s 15 task forces.

“We cover a lot of ground in those conference calls,” Johnson says. “Our task force members play a crucial role in articulating the vision they have for these sessions.”

“In many cases, our speakers tell us that they haven’t had that kind of preparation in the past,” Johnson adds.

Only one conference call is required, but Johnson says that many speakers return for multiple discussions to refine their sessions.

Rewarding Speakers with New Skills

While the primary focus is ensuring that all presentations are designed to satisfy meeting professionals in each room, speakers can reap some big benefits, too. This year, PCMA is incorporating two different classroom technologies into a select number of sessions. The most adventurous speakers will be able to take advantage of opportunities to explore how NiceMeeting’s second screen technology and Quick Mobile’s Convening Leaders mobile app can change the learning environment.

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“These speakers will get a chance to build their toolkits,” Johnson says. “It’s a chance to expand their portfolios and set them apart in future speaking engagements. We’re supporting them with plenty of training and user guides to make sure they understand the tools, too.”

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