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January 07 2014

4 Tips for Better Networking in Boston

By David McMillin

Maybe you’re searching for a new job. Maybe you’re looking to create a new business partnership. Maybe you’re hoping to turn an expert speaker into a personal friend. No matter what you’re hoping to accomplish at Convening Leaders 2014, being a good networker is an essential skill for success. Here are three trips for better networking next week in Boston.

1) Focus your networking goals.

Casual connections are a natural part of attending conferences, but you can’t expect to just run into the contacts who can revolutionize your career. Rather than hoping you’ll be able to strike up conversations with leaders from around the industry, take some time to review the list of attendees and speakers. Who have you been hoping to meet? Are there certain organizations where you believe you would be a perfect fit? Which names represent a big piece of potential business?

Make your own short list of the key contacts you want to make, and send them an introductory email or connect with them via the Convening Leaders mobile app. Everyone gets busy once they’re on-site. Do your best to add your name to their schedules in advance.

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2) Ask questions that really matter.

Outside of specific appointments, you’ll find yourself in plenty of situations where you can introduce yourself to the person sitting next to you in a general session or standing in front of you at the bar. Rather than the standard “what organization are you with?” line, be prepared to dig deeper than the information that you can easily discover from a name badge. Ask them what they’re passionate about, what their biggest challenges were in 2013 and how they plan to change their organizations in 2014. Meaningful conversations lead to meaningful connections and ultimately, lasting relationships.

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3) Be prepared to sell yourself.

You can ask plenty of questions, but the face on the other side of the table is usually looking for one answer that they probably won’t ask directly: how can you help me? As you get ready to greet the meetings industry, be ready to subtly address some of your key accomplishments and areas of expertise. When you hand over your business card, you’ll want to make sure the recipient has a reason to follow up.

4) Download the Convening Leaders 2014 mobile app.

Every conference is going mobile, and your device is much more than a way to map out your sessions. QuickMobile designed this year’s Convening Leaders app with another crucial job in mind: to help you connect with like-minded attendees. Click here to download the app from the iTunes store or here to download from Google Play.

Can’t make it to Boston?

You can still connect with leaders from around the world in the Convening Leaders Hybrid event. Click here to register for free.

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