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December 03 2013

Sneak Preview: Learning Lounge 2.0

By David McMillin
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The word “lounge” may bring to mind images of lazy relaxation, but you can toss that definition out the window at the Learning Lounge 2.0 powered by Freeman at Convening Leaders in Boston. Sure, the learning environment will preserve its more casual atmosphere that Convening Leaders attendees have enjoyed in the past, but Dawn McEvoy, CAE, CMP, Director, Education, PCMA, says that the newest iteration of the learning hub will give meeting professionals a chance to do more than kick back and unwind while gaining insights into tomorrow’s industry.

“This year, we’ve designed the Learning Lounge with more of a ‘lean in’ approach,” McEvoy says. “Rather than passively listening, watching and learning, there are many opportunities for collaboration and peer-to-peer learning.”

From roundtable workrooms and discussion groups in the new Playroom to one-on-one meetings with expert speakers and business leaders in the Connections area, the 2.0 version of the Learning Lounge revolutionizes the traditional idea of face-to-face education.

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While every meeting professional knows that the majority of sessions must be determined before arriving on-site, McEvoy says that this year’s Learning Lounge will help highlight some of the most pressing issues and trends. Near the end of each day, the Illuminations Stage will host a discussion of the hottest trending topics from earlier sessions. PCMA plans to continue the loudest conversations that attendees have been talking about throughout the morning and afternoon.

Big Speakers Meet the Small Stage

The Illuminations Stage will do more than shed light on what’s popping up on attendees’ Twitter handles and Facebook pages. It will also host Q & A sessions with some of the most talked-about speakers at Convening Leaders including Lisa Bodell, Mike Walsh and Hilary Mason. Some of these sessions will be moderated by editors at Convene along, and one lucky scholarship winner will also have the opportunity to facilitate the conversation.

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“These will give everyone a chance to get to know more about these thought-leaders on another level,” McEvoy says. “We wanted to take what’s happening on the main stage and translate it into a deeper discussion.”

From Your Planning Peers

Featured speakers will deliver valuable insights, but McEvoy says that the Lounge will feature plenty of on-the-ground, in-the-trenches knowledge from an equally important source: planners themselves.

“Planners want to hear the inside story from their peers,” McEvoy says.

McEvoy says they will get a from-the-planner’s perspective in The Globe, an area that will feature meeting planners who have planned and executed meetings in emerging destinations around the world.

PCMA wants to hear from you, we are currently collecting submissions from attendees to be included in the Learning Lounge 2.0.

Ready to be part of the revolution? Experience the Learning Lounge 2.0 and the range of other new additions to this year’s Convening Leaders program. Click here to register to join your colleagues in Boston today.

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