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December 02 2013

5 Gift Ideas for the Meeting Professional in Your Life

By David McMillin

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If you managed to steer clear of Black Friday brawls, congratulations. You avoided the crowds of crazy consumers, but now, you may still be worried about finding appropriate gifts for your colleagues or clients this holiday season. Have no fear. Here’s a handy guide to five great gifts for anyone involved in the meetings industry.


1) J-pillow ($30.95)

Being part of the meetings industry means being a traveler. If one of the names on your list spends most of his or her time on planes and trains, the J-pillow is a cheap yet crucial invention that can help users get some real sleep while they’re en route to the next destination. It’s a combination of a typical traveling pillow with added support for the neck and chin that eliminates the usual pain that comes with sleeping while sitting up.


2) SleepPhones ($39.95, wired; $99.95, wireless)

Is it a headband? Or are they headphones? Try both. While SleepPhones may not look insanely stylish, they do feel insanely comfortable while helping sleep-deprived, on-the-go meeting professionals make it through the night uninterrupted - - and we all know how important that is when the alarm clock sounds before the first day on-site.


3) iPin ($49.95)

Your recipients may not just be planning meetings; some of them are probably speaking at them, too. From leading lectures to giving presentations in the office, iPin quickly turns an iPhone into a laser pointer and presentation control device. Click here to watch the product in action.

dark energy

4) Dark Energy Reservoir ($114)

No matter who you’re looking to check off your list, he or she is probably addicted to a smartphone. That addiction can often lead to the oh-no-my-battery-is-dying-and-I-don’t-what-to-do feelings. This handy charger helps erase the anxiety of searching for outlets by quadrupling the power of a portable device.


5) Jawbone UP ($129)

Meeting planners are always on the go. Here’s a gift that will help every member of the meeting team prove just how far they’ve traveled on those end-to-end convention center treks. This bracelet monitors steps taken, calories consumed, hours slept and more, and it’s perfect for the health-conscious colleague or customer in your life.

What’s the best holiday gift you’ve ever received from a coworker or a business partner?

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