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November 18 2013

Your Go-To Education Destination For Meeting Technology

By Carolyn Clark

It’s a word that delivers countless opportunities and countless frustrations at the same time: technology. As attendees bring new devices to meetings and mobile connectivity continues to change the way everyone communicates, meeting planners, convention center managers and hoteliers are all faced with a steep learning curve.

To make that curve feel a bit smoother, PCMA is unveiling a new TechCentral at this year’s Convening Leaders in Boston. With product demonstrations from leading companies and full concurrent sessions from tech luminaries, the hub will be active throughout the meeting.

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“Today’s meeting professionals have a mile-long list of responsibilities that leaves very little time to learn about what’s new in technology,” Kelly Peacy, CAE, CMP, senior vice president, education and meetings, PCMA, says. “We added TechCentral to this year’s Convening Leaders to provide one convenient place where planners and suppliers alike can get hands-on experience and expert advice to navigate the evolving world of event technology.”

“From big data to high-speed Internet needs to hybrid meetings, TechCentral delivers the answers the meetings community needs,” Peacy adds.

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Here’s a sneak preview of some of the cutting-edge education that comes with each Convening Leaders registration:

  • Improving the Meeting Experience with Mobile and Wireless Technology
  • The Future Forecast for Meetings and Event Technology
  • Getting Started with Hybrid Meetings: The Top 10 List You Don’t Want to Miss
  • Building Smart Events: How to Collect and Use Your Event Intelligence
  • Do You Know What You Need to Know About High Speed Internet Access?

“There’s no question that an emerging cast of apps, data collection tools and digital devices will shape the next generation of attendees,” Peacy says. “TechCentral makes sure that you are fluent in their language.”

Want to get a head start on your technology education? Click here for a helpful article from Timothy J. LeFleur, CMP, on understanding Wi-Fi. Then, head over to the official Convening Leaders website to browse the full session schedule.

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