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November 11 2013

This Booth Idea Could Completely Change Trade Shows

By David McMilin


Every trade show organizer knows the setup and teardown processes all too well. If exhibitors embrace a new idea, the time and money necessary for a successful show could be significantly reduced - - without much work at all.

Skyline Exhibits, a trade show display design company, recently unveiled its new WindScape exhibit system. The difference from typical trade show booths? It’s completely inflatable.

“With the push of a button, the display inflates on its own and you’re done,” Robert Watson, president, Skyline New York, said in a statement. “It is very lightweight, compact and portable, which saves companies money on shipping and drayage costs and save huge amount of time during set-up and tear down.”

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While some show organizers and exhibitors may hear “inflatable” and immediately assume that the technology looks cheap, WindScape appears to be much more than an air mattress. The displays are available in 46 different shapes and sizes, and the technology wraps fabric around an inner air tube to create a sturdy product.

Doing Away With Drayage

Earlier this year, I attended E2MA’s second annual Red Diamond Congress in Chicago, and one of the hot-button issues was those dreadful drayage costs.

“If we could eliminate ‘drayage’ from our conversations and encourage colleagues to do the same, we’ll be a better industry overall,” David Audrain, president and CEO of Clarion Events North America, said in his address.

Audrain was not referring to inflatable booth displays. Instead, he advocated an all-inclusive exhibiting fee to eliminate the additional costs for weight that frustrate many members of the exhibiting community. While the ideas are very different, one truth is clear: the industry needs to find a cost-effective solution to appease exhibitors.

Still, meetings and exhibits have never had an easy time parting ways with tradition. While many companies are offering innovative approaches to fuel the future of trade shows, those approaches will need the support of actual exhibitors to truly make an impact.

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What do you think of the technology? Would your exhibitors consider using inflatable booths? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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