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November 04 2013

3 Reasons Why Blogging Should Be Part of Your Meeting Marketing Strategy

By Daniel Metz

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Let’s face it: the Internet is a crowded place. Meeting marketers must determine how to rise above the noise to make sure that prospective attendees recognize the value in paying their registration fees. As you work to attract new audience members, it can be easy to fall into the trap of simply relying on social media channels for engagement.

However, a new LinkedIn survey of B2B marketers underscores the importance of diversifying your marketing tactics to ensure that your message is popping up in front of more eyeballs. The research also highlights one method that may have made its way to your backseat: blogging. According to the survey, 76 percent of marketers still use blogs. Here are three reasons why you should, too.

1) Google Wants You to Write

The search engine giant craves content - - it’s what keeps the Internet going. As Google indexes an endless number of pages, its algorithm rewards websites that are constantly offering fresh content with higher page rankings. As you work to attract new prospective attendees, writing daily blog posts can help your website stand out from similar meetings.

Want bonus points from Google? Have your authors create Google+ profiles.

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2)  Social Media Only Lets You Say So Much

A 140-character minimum isn’t exactly conducive to sharing the most groundbreaking insights. While maintaining an active social media presence is essential for every meeting marketer, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram represent opportunities to share quick and easy-to-digest bits of information, and your audience wants more than short snippets.

Remember your attendees are looking to your meeting for education, and you can kick off those learning lessons with long-form blogs that raise questions and start conversations among your community members.

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3)  Your Website Represents Revenue Opportunities

Looking for potential new revenue streams? You don’t have to look far. Here’s a simple equation: frequent blog posts + more website traffic = more advertising potential. An increase in blogging will typically lead to an increase in visitors and time spent on your site. Use that data to show exhibitors why they should consider paying for banner ad placement on your URL.

Do you have a blog for your meeting? How often do you post? Share your best practices in the comments section below.

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