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October 15 2013

Have You Mastered the Art of Persuasion?

By Deborah Gardner, Founder and Owner of DG INTERNATIONAL LLC

the art of persuasion

In today’s business world, it is crucial to pursue and perfect the art of persuasion. Think of the art as a skill in your personal toolbox. Executives use persuasion with upper level management, just as managers use persuasion with the staff employees; employees seek to persuade their managers to help them climb the corporate ladder; just as salespeople need to persuade a customer to affect a sale. No matter where you operate in business, it is essential to consider how the skill of mastering the art of persuasion can help you become more successful. What can you do to develop the fine art of persuasion? Here is one simple strategy that will help guide you: CARE!

Yep, to persuade others in order to get what you want, just CARE! Many people feel that it is more important to persuade by servicing others. The truth is service is a foundation for achieving a clients want, but caring is response to an emotional need. Ultimately, it’s more important to form a relationship with others by caring before you can be of service to them. Let’s break down what will make a difference and improve your skills of persuasion just by caring:  


We live in a global environment that requires much more attention to detail. Being aware of your surroundings and embracing the differences will allow others to accept you more easily. Investing your time in getting to know others, as in knowing when to speak and when to listen, will achieve more satisfactory results for all involved. When you take the time to listen to others first, you gain valuable information that will help you when it is time for you to speak. Paying close attention and respecting another’s point of view is a great way to open yourself up to our cultural diversities.  


I believe that being supportive and expressing appreciation with gratitude is very persuasive. The key is that the gratitude you express must be truly genuine. Appreciation for the relationship you have developed with your client will naturally draw people closer to you and that in turn will persuade the relationship towards greater success for you.  


Expressing your respect for your client carries one of the biggest impacts in forming a relationship. A sure way to express your respect is to be a good communicator, be punctual, follow-up on promises, be presentable and always have a positive attitude. Be the one to set a good example. By expressing your respect your will artfully persuade your clients resulting in a win-win for everyone.


One of the most powerful ways to be persuasive in a relationship is by ensuring that others feel valued and/or loved. Whether personally or professionally, the dynamics of relationships change when you ensure that others are empowered to make decisions and receive recognition and appreciation for their successes. By empowering your client to make that decision that enables you to receive the sale or create the situation you intended, you have persuaded your client into helping you meet your goal.  

How do you persuade others? Does this strategy intrigue you to consider your methods? Do you think CARE could work for you? 

Deborah Gardner is an author, international speaker and expert on competition. She is the Founder and Owner of DG INTERNATIONAL LLC. Deborah is a 27 year veteran in the hospitality sales industry and a member of National Speakers Association. To know more about Deborah, go to www.DeborahGardner.com or just Google, you’ll will find her.

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