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October 11 2013

One Startup Wants to Bring Texting to the Office

By Daniel Metz

You get e-mails, phone calls, instant messages and office pop-ins, now one start-up wants to bring texting into the workplace.

Cotap is aiming to make office texting a regular thing and not the, “hey it’s time for happy hour” texting. Jim Patterson co-founder of Cotap wants to make workplace texting a useful tool, allowing workers to collaborate through one-on-one and group messages.

"Texting is one of the most natural things people do with their phones," Patterson said in a recent interview. "The workplace has email, but they really don't have texting."

Giving Your Number to Coworkers

Patterson realized one major deterrent to his app would be that some coworkers aren’t interested in sharing their cell numbers with everyone. Instead of needing everyone’s phone number Cotap scans your current address book and adds contacts based on your work email domain, then populates the app’s address book.

For those who choose not to download the app but are included in a group message the message would be displayed as an email thread.

For Meetings

Cotap is another effective way for teams to stay in touch during an event. Sure you have radios or could simply make a phone call but what if you need to tell the entire team something at once and fast? E-mails regularly go unchecked while on site but people rarely miss a text. Texting has become second nature for most and Cotap would allow you to make requests, or update your entire team in a flash.

The app is free and currently only available on iPhone but is planning to release an Android and enterprise version in the near future.

Would you think about using Cotap in the office or at your next event? Share in the comments below.

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