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October 11 2013

10 Types of Co-Workers


i heart my jobIf we were to have a real conversation about some of the people that are in our office and the some of the behaviors they exhibit the list we'd come up with would probably look a lot like the one below. 

While this may not be the most politically correct way to describe our cohorts (or ourselves) it may be the most honest.

  1. I minimize my browser window when my boss comes by
  2. I abuse my speaker phone
  3. I’m addicted to BuzzFeed
  4. I play my music for everyone to hear
  5. I interrupt people’s lunch break with work talk
  6. I repeat what you say to sound smarter
  7. I constantly nod my head in agreement
  8. I talk about my kids too much
  9. I gossip, a lot
  10. I take all the free office swag and food

Have any others? Share in the comments. 

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