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September 26 2013

The Things We Do For Work...

By Laura D’Elsa, Regional Director USA & Canada, German Convention Bureau

You’ve probably experienced it yourself: your friends and family think your job in the meetings industry consists of going to endless parties and staying in nice hotels. They don’t see the long and intense hours that go into our work or the fact that when we are at a party we are working not partying. That said, we really do get to see and experience some incredible locations and activities in our industry. I have been lucky enough to go to the World Cup Final in Germany, fly in a helicopter (definitely in the top ten on my bucket list), and attend a tea party with the Governor-General of Australia in her residence in Sydney, Admiralty House.

Just recently, I was able to participate in another one of these great professional moments... riding in a Porsche Panamera at Porsche Leipzig. When I sat down in the Porsche and Manuel, our professional driver, accelerated to what felt like 300 miles an hour in a matter of seconds, my first reaction was this picture to the right (no, I am not afraid to embarrass myself!)  But the more Manuel skidded around the corners, the more fun it became, until I was actually disappointed when it ended.

These activities are amazing in and of themselves, but the true reason I enjoy them so much is because you really get to learn about the local culture through them. What better way to experience Australia through a typically local event (afternoon tea) in an iconic Australian residence? What better way to experience the Germans’ knack for engineering and quality then through a ride in a top of the line car? And even the helicopter ride, which is offered around the world, is fantastic to show the region you are visiting from a unique and unforgettable perspective.

When we spend most of our (long) hours in hotels, convention centers, taxis and airports, it is these standout experiences that I, for one, crave, and that make my job all the more worthwhile. So yes, I really do love my jobJ

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