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September 20 2013

Win-Win: Engage Your Attendees and Satisfy Their Technology Addictions

By Daniel Metz

technology addiction

Let’s face it: your attendees aren’t going to put their mobile devices down.

Eighty percent of conference attendees have smartphones, and no matter how outstanding your meeting is, today’s business professionals have grown accustomed to keeping their eyes on their tablets and smartphones throughout the day. However, meeting planners should not consider those devices as barriers to engagement. Instead, planners should determine how to make those screens part of the educational experience.

At the PCMA Technology Think Tank held in Vancouver in August, the audience of meeting planners found a solution: NiceMeeting. This second-screen technology turns each attendee’s device into an extension of the presentation at the front of the room. From reviewing close-up slides to taking notes to answering polls to chatting with fellow attendees, the conference experience received a serious bump in interactivity.

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For planners who might worry that attendees will still be sending emails and taking care of individual needs, they can lay those concerns to rest.

“What most impressed me was the very noticeable change in attendee behavior,” Michelle Bruno, CEM, CMP, President of Bruno Group Signature Events and moderator of the 2013 PCMA Technology Think Tank, says. “They interacted with me more because they could ask questions without interrupting the flow of the conversation.”

“Their attention was completely focused on the tablets and the presentation rather than other devices,” Bruno adds.

Interactive Introverts

PCMA isn’t the only organization that recognizes the power of second screen technology. Each year, Yury Pavlov, Managing Director, Cbonds Congress, helps organize 24 events that welcome over 3,000 attendees who work in the financial markets. Pavlov and the Cbonds Congress turned to NiceMeeting to help bridge the gap between shy attendees and presenters.

“The NiceMeeting system makes the meeting much more interactive, and you get participation from attendees that otherwise might not be comfortable standing up to ask a question,” Pavlov says.

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Eliminate Old-School Meeting Tools

In addition to creating more engaging experiences, second screen technologies helps deliver real, tangible bottom-line benefits for planners, too. For planners who are still offering physical handouts, the technology includes the ability to deliver digital handouts to all users that can create a serious reduction in all the printed materials that weigh down meetings and events.

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Interesting learning more about NiceMeeting? Click here to visit the official website.

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