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September 05 2013

2014 GMC PCMA Call for Volunteers NOW OPEN!

Colleen Donohoe, CMP, 2013 GMC PCMA President

I’m taking a special opportunity to write to you about one specific event happening with the Chapter right now.

The 2014 GMC PCMA CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS is happening RIGHT NOW.  This is the annual initiative to invite our Chapter members to express an interest in serving on one of our committees in 2014. Now is the time to review the descriptions of the various working committees of the Chapter, and express interest in becoming more involved next year!

The reason for the special President’s Message about this is that I wanted to be sure that this initiative gets the special attention it deserves from all of our members.  Nobody should miss the opportunity to tell us that they want to become more involved as a volunteer and serve on one of the committees that carry out the great work of the Chapter.  YOUR WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY TO EXPRESS YOUR INTEREST CLOSES AT MIDNIGHT ON OCTOBER 4.

Here are a few questions that I beg you to ask yourself …

Do you create magic with the written word or love to engage through social media?  Then you should consider bringing your talents to the Communications Committee. 

Do you love to participate in charitable initiatives and make a difference in the lives of people that may find themselves in a time or situation of need?  Then you should check out our Community Services Committee. 

Do you wish you could do more to bring education to our Chapter members outside of Chicagoland?  Then Chapter Relations would be right up your alley! 

Do you like raising money to fund our programs and showcasing those who support our initiatives as a result? Then you should explore serving on the Sponsorship Committee. 

Perhaps conceiving of and sourcing the educational content of our quarterly education events makes you smile … there’s a place for you on the Program Committee! 

Do you have a deep desire to mentor and see our emerging hospitality industry colleagues thrive and find their way in our community?  You should definitely look into serving on the Student Membership Committee. 

Does it just drive you crazy when you see a person whose dedication and contribution to this industry doesn’t get the recognition it deserves?  Then step up and join the Awards Committee! 

Are you a true believer in our chapter (aren’t we all?) and want to spread your passion for it by getting more people to join and stay as members of GMC PCMA?  Then you should check out the Membership Committee. 

The committees traditionally meet four times a year.  With more structure in how things are getting done, we’re not asking for a lot of your time, but definitely all the talent you can give us.  The rewards are amazing as well.  You will meet and forge relationships with new people in our industry, deepen relationships with those you may already know, and feel really good about making a difference. 

Industry Veterans Take Note!  We are making a personal appeal to our industry veterans. You know who you are … you have double-digits of service in this industry under your belt.  We are most successful when we can achieve the perfect mix of seasoned thinking and experience with unaffected viewpoints and innovation.  So for those of you who have been out of Chapter-level involvement for a while, we’d love to see your return.  The people you impact with the knowledge you bring and the leverage you wield for our benefit will not be unappreciated!

Emerging Industry Professionals … keep the ideas, energy, enthusiasm and volunteerism coming!  You will indeed make friendships that last a lifetime, forge relationships that will help you succeed, and gain recognition within the larger industry for your contributions that will make you stand out.  What you will learn and gain from the experience cannot be put into words. And what you will bring to the table will  broaden our organizational perspective.

Every one of us has a streak of “do something” coursing through our veins, and I am personally inviting you to make a difference for the Chapter, by doing something for the Chapter.  The time is NOW.  You have only until OCTOBER 4 to tell us how you want to make a difference.  Click here … and let the journey begin! Thank you!!!!