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September 03 2013

The World’s Weirdest Conferences

By Daniel Metz

Conferences aren’t just for teachers, medical professionals, lawyers and other professional fields. Here’s a look at five of the world’s weirdest conferences that attract attendees year after year.

Brony Fest

Brony: a male fan of My Little Pony. Now that you’re familiar with this new term, you can get to know the annual convention of these pony-loving bros outside of Dallas. Want to get to know one of said bros on a more personal level? Check out the 2013 “Tell Your Brony Story” Panel.


“Fur, Fun and So Much More!” That’s the theme of the upcoming 2014 gathering of artists, animators, writers, costumers and other attendees who all share a love of humanlike animal characters. The website includes an invitation that’s hard to turn down: “Join us in July as Anthrocon once again turns the whole of downtown Pittsburgh into a furry metropolis!” If that doesn’t sound like a party, I don’t know what does.

Twins Day Festival

Many conferences promote their ability to bring together like-minded individuals, but this annual festival isn’t about like minds. It’s about like appearances. Each year, over the first weekend of August, thousands of sets of twins come together in a destination that certainly matches the event’s theme: Twinsburg, Ohio.

Redhead Days

If you have red hair, you’re invited to this three-day party in the Netherlands. The last time we checked there was no need for continuing education to be a redhead. However, this event features art exhibitions, lectures on the background of red hair and more than 50 different activities for more than 5,000 attendees from around the world.

Celebrity Impersonators Convention

Many planners have shelled out plenty of dollars for big-name celebrity keynote speakers. Well, this convention draws the people who look like those speakers to Las Vegas each year. Room rates are a friendly $45 per night at The Golden Nugget.

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