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September 03 2013

7 Factors That Will Impact Your Next Interview

By David McMillin

Your cover letter is error-free. Your resume is stacked with some impressive career highlights. Your references are top-notch.

Okay, now, let’s move on to the important details. How funny are you? How often do you tweet? And what do you know about the latest Major League Baseball standings?

A new study from CareerBuilder surveyed human resources professionals around the U.S. to determine what makes candidates more appealing, and some of the factors will surprise you. With more than 2,000 respondents, some hiring managers indicated that they are more likely to consider a candidate with:

1)  A better sense of humor

2)  More involvement in his or her community

3)  Better style and dressing

4)  Better physical fitness

5)  A stronger knowledge of current affairs and pop culture

6)  A more active social media presence

7)  More knowledge about sports

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Ultimately, part of successful interviewing seems to be simply finding a way to connect on a personal level. Twenty-one percent of respondents said that they were more likely to hire a candidate who they have more in common with.

“When you’re looking for a job, the key is selling your personal brand,” Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources, CareerBuilder, says. “Employers are not only looking for people who are professionally qualified for the position, but also someone who is going to fit in at the office.”

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Building that brand continues if you happen to land the position, too.

“Once you get the job, the process doesn’t simply stop,” Haefner adds. “Employers will continuously assess personality, performance and behavior when considering prospects for promotions.”

Ready to start looking for a new job in the meetings industry? Go to the PCMA Career Center to post your resume and search for the latest openings. Of course, once you secure an interview, don’t forget to brush up on what’s happening in pop culture.

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