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August 29 2013

Peabody Ducks: From Penthouse to No House

By Carolyn Clark

Now that the Peabody Orlando has been sold to Hyatt Hotels the question we all have, but fear the answer - What will happen to the ducks? 

Each day these little quacky rocks stars descend in their special elevator, from their $100,000 penthouse Royal Duck Palace, to trek to and from the lobby fountain - led by their ever present Duck Master, marching to John Philip Sousa's King Cotton March.

Their march is a must-see on the agenda of every guest of the hotel. Okay, I’ll admit it – as the PCMA marketing team packed up on Convening Leader’s closing day we raced over to the Peabody to take in the event.

Sadly, the ducks are headed towards forced retirement, as Hyatt said it does not plan to keep the ducks on after the hotel is rebranded as the Hyatt Regency Orlando Convention Center. 

Retirement is not foreign for Peabody ducks. Every five years the hotel retires the current duck family and they live out their golden years at a local farm where they are prepped for a release to the wild.

We wish the ducks well, they will be deeply missed. 

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