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August 20 2013

GMC Member Spotlight: Tim Moses, CMP

Jill Formeister
Back when responding to newspaper ads was the favorite method of finding job openings, Timothy A. Moses, CMP, found his career path by responding to a Chicago Tribune ad for an administrative coordinator in Michigan. Years later, Tim is Director, Meetings and Conventions at the American Academy of Dermatology, a position he has held since 2000.

“Like many of us in my generation in the meetings industry, I was not a hospitality major, and meetings management wasn't even heard of when I graduated from college,” Tim reminisced. “While I managed to get the (administrative coordinator) job, it eventually evolved into a half-time meeting planner position, where I managed to expand the role into a meeting planning role at the American Student Dental Association, where I worked for 6 years. While I still handled the accounting and finance of the organization, meeting planning became almost 50% of the position as our meetings grew, and the rest is history...”

Tim said his challenges include “Keeping up with the ever-changing technology (meeting apps, paper vs. electronic, etc.), embracing new attendee demographics (domestic vs. international), new regulations in medical meetings, creative ways for securing industry support in an ever-changing environment, and the many new educational programming formats.”

He credits his mother as his inspiration. “She just turned 80 years old this year, and is the epitome of the 'Energizer bunny.' I've never known someone who is so giving and generous. She resides in Michigan and is the designated neighborhood dog-walker, the welcome-wagon to new neighbors, and the family caregiver. I don't know how she does it! She basically raised 6 children on her own, making so many sacrifices during that time, while working in a nursing home to support all of us. She has continuously been my support and I admire her so much.”

Reflecting on his mentors, Tim has “had the amazing opportunity to have worked with many icons in both the meetings and association management industry, whom I can honestly say have been my mentors throughout my career and have taught me so much.” He lists Karen (Del Vescovo) Cervenka, at American Student Dental Association and Patricia Grosshouser (meeting planner at RSNA and then American Society of Neuroradiology). At the American Academy Of Dermatology, mentors have included Cheryl Nordsted, Carol Trumbold, and Eileen Murray. “I feel so very fortunate to have had the opportunity to have worked with such amazing professionals in the association industry...all of whom encouraged professional growth through the many industry organizations, such as PCMA which was at the forefront. I continue to have that support, which is most appreciated and essential.”

PCMA membership also has helped shape his career. “PCMA provides the utmost in continuing professional development and education in the meeting planning industry. The organization has so much to offer at the annual meeting, leadership conference, or through online learning. In addition, the networking opportunities with both peers and vendors have proven to be pivotal in my career. I've also enjoyed working on many PCMA and GMC-PCMA committees and task forces, and certainly wish to continue. The benefits are endless.”

Tim’s crystal ball shows “Change! In this economy, there are so many things changing in the meetings industry, and from my perspective, specifically in medical meetings - Pharma regulations, the Sunshine Act provisions, meeting technology, and of course, the transition to a sellers’ market in the hotel/convention center arena.”

He advises GMC-PCMA members to “take advantage of the numerous educational offerings that GMC-PCMA and PCMA have to offer. Times are changing continuously. For all of us as meeting managers, to keep abreast of the most current trends, etc. is of utmost importance to be successful in our professions, and also to best represent our association, our members, and the profession in general. I have an exceptional staff of 9 meeting professionals who are the top of their field, and are involved in GMC-PCMA and PCMA, and many other professional industry organizations. I encourage their participation and professional development, and encourage those in my position to do the same with their staff. The experience and benefits are truly immeasurable.”

Surprisingly for a meeting planner, he does not like to travel. “My vacations consist of 'stay-cations' - staying at home doing yard work, running errands, just relaxing, and the occasional trip back to Michigan to see family where I grew up.”