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August 19 2013

Major Failure in Event Safety Planning

By David McMillin

Any event planner who has been hired to oversee the logistics behind a new product launch recognizes just how important that big debut is to the client’s bottom line. It has to be creative enough to capture the attention of attendees. It has to be noteworthy enough to get those attendees to talk about it and spread the word to their friends and colleagues. Behind all that excitement, though, there’s one absolutely crucial element: it has to be safe.

It seems that safety may have been a bit lost in the shuffle at an event hosted by mobile company LG in Seoul, South Korea. In an effort to build some buzz behind the new LG G2 smartphone, the company planned a “G in the cloud” event and released 100 balloons in the air stuffed with vouchers redeemable for a free new G2. According to BBC News, consumers showed up with BB guns and knives in anticipation of being one of the lucky ones to snag one of those vouchers. It seems that today’s budget-minded consumer will do anything to get something for free, including bringing weapons to a park in the capital of South Korea.

When attendees fired their BB guns at the balloons in an effort to bring them down and secure their free phones, not surprisingly, people were injured. LG issued a statement that seven people were hospitalized and that the company will cover all medical expenses.

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There is no word on a) why event organizers didn’t refuse entrance to attendees who arrived with weapons, b) why there weren’t security officials on-site or c) why people aren’t more concerned that crowds of people are unpredictable.

On another note, the entire mishap raises another crucial question outside the realm of safety: what exactly was the goal of the publicity stunt? Sure, putting some coupons in balloons might draw some media attention, but how would attendees actually cash in on the free phone coupons? They wouldn’t. These helium balloons could have traveled many, many miles before landing in an unsuspecting resident’s backyard, on the rooftop of a building, in a body of water or any other range of places. The only planned takeaway for anyone who actually came to the event would be the satisfaction of knowing that they watched some balloons go into the air - - and the pain of a BB gunshot wound.

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