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July 30 2013

Drinks, Prague and… Associations?

By Daniel Metz, Specialist, Marketing

Not normally three things you would put together, but on August 16 -22, 2013 the Hilton Prague will play host to the 62nd International Bartender’s Association (IBA) meeting with the support of the Prague Convention Bureau.

The event will be highlighted by the much anticipated World Cocktail Championship, where categories include flair bartending and classic mixing. Cocktails may be on display this August but in my recent visit to Prague it was all about the beer.

Pints in Prague

The Czechs are extremely proud of their beer and it’s obvious by walking around Prague how much it’s engrained in everyday life. People drink it everywhere, in the streets, parks, in the numerous beer gardens and outdoor patios, even McDonald’s (Note: those patrons didn’t purchase the beer at McDonald’s, and this may have actually been frowned up, I didn’t ask.) Also, many locals actually refer to beer as Liquid Bread, so there ya go.

I don’t want you to get the impression that Prague is a place where everyone is constantly tuned up, it’s not. The Europeans attitude towards alcohol consumption varies greatly from the American attitude but that is a subject for a different time and place. But I digress…

I was only in Prague for a few days and I of course wanted to take in as much as the city had to offer (if you’re there visit the Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and the National Museum, all are breathtaking), one of my main goals was to sample (a large amount of) Czech beer. Let’s say mission accomplished. Whether I was drinking Kozel along the river while taking in incredible city views, having a Pilsner Urquell tucked away at a neighborhood pub or enjoying a Gambrinus at the hotel bar, there is no wrong way to enjoy any of the beers Prague has to offer.

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