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July 29 2013

This is an Insanely Expensive Hotel Room

By David McMillin, Staff Writer

You know the inflatable castle that your neighbors rented for their child’s third birthday party? Well, that same inflatable model is now available as a hotel room in Denver called “the hotel rehearsal”, and it sits around 22 feet above the ground via a scissor lift on a parked Chevrolet E-350 van. It costs $50,000 per night, and it was designed by architect and performance artist Alex Schweder.

The room is part of the Biennial of the Americas, an international festival of ideas, art and culture in Denver, and the inflatable art installation/guest quarters will be moving around downtown Denver thru August 23. Reservations can be made via The Curtis, a Doubletree property.

Based on the images, the room doesn’t exactly look big or luxurious, and the actual space sounds fairly bare-bones with a bed, a couch and a small bathroom. There is a weight limit of 450 pounds, and guests cannot drink alcohol or smoke while in the room. However, the $50,000 rate is part of the “Lloyd in the Sky with Diamonds” package, designed to transport guests back to the 1960s. The package comes with plenty of perks including a Tiffany diamond pendent and pair of earrings, limo transportation from the airport, a Studio 54-themed party at the Curtis with 100 friends and more. The “more” also comes with a greeting by Sonny and Cher impersonators.

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At press time, there is no word on whether The Curtis has received any reservation inquiries. Interested in shelling out some serious cash for this random hotel package? Be advised that the rate is subject to a 14.75 percent tax.

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