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June 17 2013

Types of Conference Attendees


1. The Exit StrategistThe attendee who you can find sitting in the back of all sessions attended, nearest to the door.

2. The Give-Away GrabberYou've seen this person, the one who takes every premium offered by every exhibitor. They can be heard constantly saying, "it's for my son!"

3. The Late Riser:  We don't want to speculate why this person always misses the morning sessions, but feel free to use your imagination. 

4. The I’m Just Here to Pass Out Cards (Wo)Man: We understand the value of networking and the importance it has in the industry but there is a time and place for it, that place is not the bathroom.

5. Fashionista(o): Your event may actually be located in New York, Paris or Milan but odds are the Fashion Week attire didn't need to make the trip.

6. The Self-Proclaimed VIP: Thoughts running through this person's head. "Those closed doors, balderdash. Those ropes and stanchions, not for this guy. Reserved seat or table, must be for me."

7. The Foodie: This person could go one of two ways, either they are a bit of a food snob and nothing at the event is up to their standards or they are on a mission to try every single item there.

8. The Social Butterfly: Somehow this person misses every session but manages to find his/her way to all of the receptions, it's almost impressive. 

What did we miss? Share what you've seen in the comments.

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