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June 17 2013

The Four-Letter Word You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Say

By Dawn McEvoy, Director, Education

Everyone in the meetings industry loves to talk about how to succeed. However, if you’re serious about fueling your attendees’ growth, it’s time to talk about something else: how to fail.

Let’s face it. Every leader from every organization in every industry has seen products, experiences and ideas bite the dust. Need some examples? Remember Tropicana’s rebranding bust - and subsequent 20 percent drop in profits? What about the dud of  Google Wave? How about these massive product failures?

There are plenty of takeaways from the process, and next week, PCMA is going to help you figure out how to reap the benefits of the four-letter elephant in the room. On Wednesday, June 26, at the PCMA Education Conference in Denver, Kelly Peacy, CAE, CMP, Senior Vice President, Education & Meetings, PCMA, will moderate a panel of meeting professionals who aren’t afraid to talk about what went wrong.

“Success is something we all aspire to, but failure is something we’ve all seen first-hand,” Peacy says. “When you’re putting hundreds or thousands of attendees in a room, failure represents a common thread. There’s no reason to run from it. Instead, you can help your audience understand how to apply the lessons from failing to move forward.”

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Ann Johnson, Associate Director, Programs, PCMA, and Vicky Betzig, CMP, Director, Meetings & Events, PCMA, will discuss the shortcomings of the Trade Show Reimagined at 2013 Convening Leaders in Orlando, and Susan Katz, Director, Corporate Events & Travel, True Value Company, will highlight why True Value is going back to the drawing board to rebrand their show.

“We talk a lot about innovation in the meetings industry, but innovation is always accompanied by the potential for falling flat,” Peacy says. “With this panel, we’re hoping to arm leaders with the ability to turn what went wrong into what can go right the next time around.”

Learn to Love Failing

It’s not too late to be part of this session and much more. Click here to register for the PCMA Education Conference. If you can’t make it to the mountains next week, join us via your computer screen at the hybrid event.

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