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June 04 2013

Spotlight on GMC Awards Committee

Jill Formeister

“I believe in recognizing hard work, volunteer efforts and contributions and this is the perfect way to do so,” asserts  André Valk, CMP, chair of the Awards Committee and Director of Sales for Associated Luxury Hotels International. “There are so many who fly under the radar and quietly contribute to the success of our chapter. If you see that...recognize that person and submit a nomination. While obviously not everyone will win, it's already an honor to be 'merely' nominated. That little effort has such major impact and is such a wonderful way to say thank you for the amazing volunteer efforts.”

Throughout the year, the committee solicits nominations for various awards. “It is the Awards Committee's mission to entice many of our members to submit nominations and encourage them to consider those 'worthy' of being awarded. We understand that people are busy and may need a nudge to be reminded to nominate their peers. These efforts and steady incoming nominations have kept the level fairly even over the years,” André said.

Nominations are typically due by mid-November.  The committee reviews the nominations and collectively selects the award winners. Additionally, each quarter, the awards committee selects a “Committee Volunteer of the Quarter” from the submissions of each committee’s chair. 

The Awards Luncheon usually occurs during the last week of January or in early February. The committee typically considers hosts for this luncheon in the summer, and then solidifies contracts and works towards execution of the luncheon throughout the remainder of the year.

André explained the review process, Andre said, “We have implemented and continue to improve a new system that reviews the submitted nomination forms (from the nominee) and quantitatively evaluates the nominee’s contributions to the chapter and the industry. This new system has allowed the committee to be far more objective during the selection process.

“Our committee takes our task very seriously. While we have a good time, especially during the selection process, we commit many hours of reviewing the nominations to ensure the best choice. Sometimes there are voices who second guess our committee choices or wonder why others weren't nominated. I simply encourage these inquiring minds to change that by a) nominating 'that' person and/or b) becoming active on our committee next season. Until then, remember to nominate!”

As André noted, who doesn't like to see her/his work acknowledged and the name in print, on screen or an award?   His final comment:  “Let me reiterate the importance of you & you & you & yes, you, too! Nominate someone!”