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May 31 2013

The Key to Your Career Advancement

By David McMillin, Staff Writer

Looking to land that next internal promotion? Hoping to find a new opportunity within the meetings industry? Well, it may not start with your resume, your cover letter or your LinkedIn connection requests. Instead, it may start with your brand.

Yes, you need to build a brand. Just as massive companies with massive advertising budgets make sure you recognize their logos, color palettes and voices, Dorie Clark, author of Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future, frequent contributor to Forbes and Harvard Business Review and PCMA 2013 EduCon speaker, says that individuals need to create their own unique brands, too.

“In today’s economy, we’re shifting into a new landscape where employees increasingly have opportunities to create personal brands,” Clark says.

From making your voice heard in discussions on LinkedIn to establishing your own voice on Twitter, Clark says social media platforms can provide the launching pad for your brand.

“If you have a strong personal brand, it’s the ultimate kind of career insurance because companies or associations are always going to be seeking your help,” Clark adds.

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Creating Your Brand’s Buzz

However, breaking through the clutter with your own brand can be challenging.

“The tricky part in today’s society is that we’re overwhelmed with information,” Clark says. “You may have 1,000 Facebook friends, and it’s hard for all of them to stay informed on what you’re doing. Oftentimes, you might find yourself in a situation where someone’s perception of you is two or three years outdated.”

“Make sure to take action so that your connections and your colleagues understand your true potential,” Clark advises.

For meeting planners struggling to shed the label of “taskmaster”, Clark recommends serving on departmental committees to ensure that a wide range of people with the organization recognize their strategic thinking abilities.

Bringing that potential into the spotlight doesn’t have to happen within the walls of an office, either.

“You can think about taking on leadership roles in a professional association,” Clark says. “Your colleagues may begin to recognize your true value by understanding how colleagues in the outside world perceive you.”

Don’t Just Reinvent Yourself - Redefine Your Own Borders

That personal brand can help you go much further than you might expect, too.

“All too often, we allow our goals and our sense of what’s possible to be set by what we see around us,” Clark says. “I urge people not to create career plans based on what they see their colleagues doing. Instead, take a step back and think about you want to really be doing.”

Want to learn more about creating your own personal brand?

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